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Paul Saltaformaggio

Wealth Advisor

"Honestly, I chose Stratos because I was the last one to go and was relying on the judgment of 15 other brokers who went to every single shop to discuss all the payouts and everything they had to offer. At the end of the day, Stratos...
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Frank & Sheri Bautz

Wealth Advisors

“Within the immense and impersonal world of financial services, Stratos Wealth Partners provides a family. Far beyond industry requirements, Jeff Concepcion and his team consistently go the extra mile to provide the personal care...

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Chad Boreman

Wealth Advisor

"About half way thru my career it became clearly evident to me in order to take our practice to the next level, we needed to align with a firm that had the tools to do so. Stratos had the people and processes in place to truly assist...

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Greg David

Wealth Advisor

“From the beginning of my time with Stratos, Jeff Concepcion and his team at the home office have been true partners in my business. Their willingness to help and the sincerity shown, has never wavered. Stratos goes above and...
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Evervest Financial

What Advice do you have for other advisors who are considering independent private practice?

“It is beyond worth it - take the leap and do it! I finally have the planning software I truly need, open research, open contact management tools, multiple firms to work with, and marketing tools to serve our clients and...

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Stratos Wealth Advisors Prescott Office

What are the potential benefits to your clients now that you are no longer an employee of a large Wall Street bank?

“The first thing has to be the freedom from pressures that come from the bank’s priorities with respect to products and services unrelated to investments. These can be an added benefit in very certain circumstances, but as...

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Riley/Echols Wealth Management

Why did you decide to go into independent private practice?

“We wanted to focus on what matters most - enhancing our client experience without cross-sell quotas or home office directives that may lead to conflicts of interest. Our independent structure is positioned to take advantage of...
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