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Listen to Jeff on the Financial Advisor Success Podcast

| May 03, 2019
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Jeff was featured on the Financial Advisor Success Podcast!

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What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode

  • An overview of Stratos Wealth Partners. [04:41]
  • The various services they offer to advisors. [21:34]
  • Why mature advisory firms should have a succession plan in place. [29:47]
  • How their payout grids work. [35:40]
  • What compliance and technology look like under the Stratos model. [47:06]
  • the typical size of the firms that Stratos works with. [55:05]
  • Why Jeff decided to start his firm. [1:00:48]
  • His experience in the early years of building the business. [1:09:59]
  • What surprised him the most in the beginning. [1:15:12]
  • How Jeff’s role has evolved over the years. [1:22:14]
  • What a typical week looks like for him. [1:24:31]
  • Jeff’s low point. [1:26:22]
  • What comes next for Stratos Wealth Partners. [1:35:30]
  • How he defines success. [1:41:03]

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