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The Finance Department provides commission support to advisors on both the broker/dealer and the RIA platforms. We assist advisors to escalate any issues within the LPL commission process that they cannot resolve on their own. RIA advisor compensation is processed and paid by Stratos. We provide a separate website for the RIA statements and a dedicated person to handle any questions an advisor may have with regards to his/her statements.


  • Process and pay RIA advisor compensation

  • Assist advisors with escalation issues within the LPL commission process

  • Provides centralized billing for procurement of benefits and equipment

Meet The Team

Alex Green

Alex Green

Senior Accountant

(440) 991-1162

(440) 991-1163

Heidi Wayner

Heidi Wayner

Accounting Associate

(440) 991-1164

(440) 991-1165

Nancy Andrefsky

Nancy Andrefsky

Chief Financial Officer - Chief Operating Officer

(440) 505-5574

(440) 505-5575

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