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The Human Resources Department helps entrepreneurs by seeking to attract and retain key talent. Additionally, we provide our advisor teams with tools and guidance to help enhance their practices. We provide consultation on team development, roles and responsibilities, acquiring new support staff, career paths and team training.


  • Assists advisors with staffing, problem-solving, and team building

  • Offer assistance with candidate sourcing and bench-marking data

  • Provide templates for a variety of purposes including job descriptions that you can customize to fit your business

  • Advisors have access to important benefits such as group health, dental and vision, short, long-term disability and life insurance and a retirement plan

Jennifer Isaacs

Director of HR & Business Services

(440) 991-1160

(440) 991-1161

[email protected]

Jennifer Isaacs started her career in 1998 with Smith Barney where she worked as an Operations Manager. After the merger with Morgan Stanley, she served as the Senior Risk Officer in the San Diego, CA complex of Morgan Stanley Smith...

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