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Anthony Truino

320 Boston Post Road

Darien, CT





Early in his career, Anthony decided to focus his practice on providing clients with a framework for making integrated financial decisions that work together to preserve their wealth, both in the short-term and for generations to come. Over the years, he has worked with a select group of clients who value the focused attention, detailed insight and extensive knowledge that are hallmarks of his practice.

To best serve the needs of his clients, Anthony has brought together a team of skilled, highly experienced professionals with specific areas of expertise that work together to provide comprehensive wealth management capabilities. They collaborate with each client to create personalized solutions tailored to their unique situation.

Anthony’s process begins with discovery and goal setting to uncover and clarify what each client wants to achieve. Utilizing his team and a host of internal and external resources, he develops a program that enables his clients to manage their wealth. He and his team work closely with their clients’ other advisors, including their attorneys and accountants. This holistic approach, combined with highly personalized service and cutting edge financial management tools. It was also the catalyst for the creation of Barnum Wealth Management, a financial services firm focused on serving a select group of affluent individuals and their families as well as key executives and their employees.

A major component of Anthony’s approach is to educate and empower clients to make informed decisions about often complex issues. As part of that commitment, Anthony does considerable work delivering an educational program encompassing a range of financial topics to employees of major corporations. Anthony offers this program to corporate executives, focusing on topics that address the issues and opportunities presented by their multifaceted compensation and benefit structures. Anthony’s commitment to working one on one with people in support of their goals extends to his work in the community. He is on the board of directors of Sacred People Foundation which is dedicated to improving the plight of Native American youth and Treasured Time which grants the wishes of parents with life-threatening illnesses.

Anthony is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a degree in finance and has earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. He lives in Southport, Connecticut with his wife Stefanie and their lovely daughter Chloe Emma. A member of Burning Tree Country Club in Greenwich, Anthony enjoys golf and tennis and is an overall exercise enthusiast.

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