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Harry Butson

2200 Georgetown Drive, Suite 200

Sewickley, PA





After establishing his practice in 1990, Harry has focused on the needs of Clients seeking answers to their Financial Planning desires. “Decision Making is successfully driven by knowing your options, or choices, when searching for answers.” Utilizing the Financial Planning Process, Harry assists his clientele in creating his or her personal Vision of the Ideal Financial Future™.Once the Vision is determined, Harry’s role is to prepare the Menu of Solutions™ for client decision making. This Financial Planning Process places the client in position to implement the strategies to help work towards their Vision.

The Net Checklist™ is a proprietary process developed by Harry after two decades of working with Clients. The Net Checklist™helps to add value to a Client’s bottom line and is the hallmark of his Stratos Financial Plan. The process is based on sound Financial Modeling which examines both personal and business (for the Business Owner) Cash and Tax Flows, while looking for potential solutions to increase Net Income.

Amidst the many changes that can affect your financial situation — political unrest, regulatory changes and economic fluctuations, to name just a few — one thing remains constant: with increased intellectual capital at your disposal, there is greater potential that the right strategies may be implemented to help you work toward your financial needs and Objectives. The difference between just “having the planning done” and having it performed with total coordination into a uniquely personal design is profound! This total coordination is the primary focus of the Net Checklist™ and its accompanying Financial Condition Model.

As part of his Value Proposition for providing sense of security, in addition to sound financial planning, Harry looks forward to providing his clientele with the highest level of customer service and cutting edge financial solutions available in the industry today.

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