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Kevin Pitts

6909 E. Greenway Parkway, Suite 195

Prescott, AZ





Investment success is measured by more than just a positive number on a monthly statement. Performance is critical, and we focus on it, but it is often more important to recognize the risks taken to pursue a particular result. A confident perspective is needed. The short-term noise associated with the financial markets can be overwhelming and a steady hand and solid advice can make the difference.

It also requires any number of talents, perhaps none more important than curiosity. Kevin is inherently curious. He likes to ask questions—who? what? why? when?—the basics learned in journalism. At one point he thought he would go into journalism and advertising and got his degree in broadcasting at Arizona State University. But curiosity kept getting in the way. After spending time at the Director's Guild of America in Los Angeles and at a boutique ad agency in Mexico City, Kevin started his career in finance at global accounting and auditing firm Ernst & Young.

Today, after almost 20 years in finance, Kevin is still so very curious. And what a wonderful world to employ an inquiring mind: alternative investments, interest rates, currency fluctuations, the business cycle and geopolitics. All of these inform and influence our world and Kevin spends a lot of his time analyzing all these and much more. The other part of the equation centers on the circumstances of each individual client. And again, Kevin takes the time to ask questions and learn what makes each client different. This may give his clients an edge when it comes to putting together an investment plan that takes into account the ins and outs of the markets, and more importantly, the critical life stages that must be considered in pursuing financial goals.

Kevin is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys camping, hunting and fishing with his family. He is also active in the community with the Rotary Club of Prescott, the Phippen Museum, and other organizations.

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