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Lilly Emerson

3366 N. Torrey Pines Ct., Suite 314

La Jolla, CA





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When it comes to managing your money, it is important to feel comfortable with the person you are entrusting to help guide you to greater wealth. Would a referral from a successful family member or close friend make the difference? For generations of Lilly Emerson’s clients, this has been a deciding factor. Lilly provides comprehensive advice with insight, care, and compassion greatly appreciated by her family, friends and multi-generational clients.

While providing services for today and the future, Lilly is comfortably able to work closely with clients’ accountants, attorneys, and other advisors. With Lilly Emerson’s guidance, you and your family can strategize and invest for added income and tax protection while creating retirement plans that also allow you to do the things you want to do now. Isn’t it nice to know you can live your life and leave your legacy the way you envision?

As a veteran of the US Air Force, Lilly served as a Mandarin Chinese interpreter. As a mother of two, she learned the importance of making wealth accumulation and management a way of life. She is a world traveler and adventurer and an active “Mia” to her three beautiful grandchildren. Lilly says that she is proud of and loves the life that she created for herself and her family. She very much looks forward to helping YOU create the life and legacy you desire.

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