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Michael S. Vantusko

15345 N. Scottsdale Rd., PH 06

Scottdale, AZ




(623) 418-3077

Hello! My name is Michael Vantusko and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Cardinal Capital Management, LLC., a unique wealth management firm that, above all else, puts the needs of our clients first.

Having spent 7 years of my career working for a large, nationally recognized wealth management firm, I came to realize that something was lacking - an uncompromised focus on the wants, needs, and aspirations of the client. Traditional brokerage firms can be littered with conflicts of interest that do not align themselves and the clients’ interests properly. By starting Cardinal Capital Management, I am now capable of delivering world-class financial advice free of ulterior motives, such as sales pressure or the need to recommend certain products.

Today at Cardinal Capital Management, I act as a fiduciary. This means that the best interest of my clients come first. ALWAYS!


The journey to financial independence can be extremely complex and difficult to navigate. Additionally, every journey is unique. As your financial concierge, my goal is to simplify the complicated world of investments and help my clients preserve their hard-earned wealth through a highly individualized & customized approach. Above all else, we are driven by a commitment to deliver an exceptional client experience and the highest level of service and detailed attention to all aspects of your financial life.


With a growing and diverse group of clients throughout Northern Ohio and the Midwest, Cardinal Wealth Management is exceptionally well prepared to handle the unique needs of:

  • Busy executives and entrepreneurs of private companies who recently have experience or are planning a major liquidity event

  • Successful professionals in that critical time 10 to 15 years prior to retirement

  • Individuals & families in need of specialized attention related to tax-advantaged income & alternative investment solutions

For a conversation to learn how Cardinal Capital Management can help you live your best financial life, contact our office at 440-263-3840 or by email at

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