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Scott Gegerson

Garden City, NY




“I love to see the look of relief on people’s faces when I explain something they had great concerns about.”

Or how their faces light up when I give them good news about how a plan can integrate and come together.

Serving people runs in the family.

My dad, and his father before him, and my great-grand father, chose medicine for their profession, while my mother went into teaching for hers – both of them for the same simple reason of helping others. Growing up, I learned the affect that being of service to people can have, so it became a natural part of me.

After graduating from Villanova University in 2001, and watching family and friends make, and loose fortunes in the error, I gravitated to a career in financial planning. Over the years, I had seen how people can suffer extraordinary financial harm, often simply because of lack of planning or poor advice. I believed I could help fix that, so I made financial planning my passion.

As a financial planner, you need to know the numbers, but – more importantly – you need to understand people.

Needless to say, you have to learn about the many financial instruments available, but the real key to being an effective financial planner is truly listening to your clients and helping them clearly define their goals and challenges.

I’ve also learned that as you go through life, unexpected surprises can derail things, so I am especially cautious when it comes to planning. I try to cover every possible contingency.

I have been fortunate enough to assume ownership of Truvium from its founder and leader of 37 years, Nicholas Palumbo. I take very, very seriously this responsibility to honor the Truvium legacy and to build on this solid foundation of superior, holistic client planning and service.

My professional history and credentials.

After graduating from Villanova, I joined the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. When the horror of 9/11 occurred, I happened to be close enough in Mid-town Manhattan to witness it from our lobby window. My response was to join the US Marine Corps and serve as an officer. In the military, I gained an even deeper appreciation for teamwork, sacrifice, duty, and service.

Once I left the military, I was hired by Smith Barney as a Wealth Management Specialist but then ultimately returned to Northwestern Mutual to reunite with my old team.

As a dedicated student of financial-planning, I quickly realized, however, that my practice needed to evolve from traditional financial planning to one that relies on sound economic theory. That prompted my move to Truvium Financial where I accepted a position of Senior Vice President, and eventually became the Director of Wealth Management.

I learned to focus on such principles as financial protection, savings enhancement, maintenance of adequate liquidity, as well as tax, risk and debt reduction. I help both families and businesses with their individual financial goals of wealth accumulation, preservation, and distribution.

I am a Certified Financial Planner, and hold a Life, Accident and Health Insurance License, Property & Casualty Insurance License as well as FINRA Series 6, 7, 31, 63 and 66 registrations.

You can check my background on FINRA’s BrokerCheck:

In my personal life…

My world is centered around my two young kids, and I try to set the same example for them that my parents did for me: a strong desire to help others and pride in performance. I also like to get them out of the house and show them the fun of outdoor recreation.

In my spare time, I love to surf, hike, ski, play lacrosse and even subject myself to the miseries of golf. A healthy diet, and both mental and physical exercise are the foundations to my daily performance that I stay consistent with, not only for myself but, again, to set an example for my kids.

I’m also very active in supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS). My mother lost her battle with leukemia at 67 years young, while my father has long battled lymphoma. I’m dedicated to doing all I can to help eradicate those terrible diseases.

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