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Sue Ann Donovan

5 Southside Dr

Clifton Park, NY




(518) 357-3858

Since 1980, Sue Ann Donovan has helped families and individuals pursue financial stability and success through committed service and attention to the individual needs of her clients.

After a successful affiliation with American Express, Sue Donovan branched out on her own, not wanting to be limited in the product choices being offered her clients. She has been “independent” ever since, drawing not only on personal knowledge but seeking what is best for her clients. In a world of standarization, Sue views each client as unique and works to help pursue their goals.

With an unblemished reputation for integrity and a personal moral commitment to help people, Sue Donovan has also worked closely with other financial advisors as a mentor to help them grow their practice.

From the genesis of her firm which helped give birth to Holistic Wealth Advisors, Sue now services clients in New York, California, Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Indiana.

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