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Thomas Hurford

Columbus, OH





I began my career at Legg Mason Wood Walker in Boston, MA. I went on to work as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and as the Midwest Regional Manager for MFS. In that prior role, I spent significant time consulting on the investment management needs of institutions and individuals, and was a frequent guest speaker for financial advisors, addressing the planning and investing concerns of their clients. In this role I rediscovered the importance of sound investment policies, whether you are the board of a pension fund, or a couple looking to make their retirement possible.

Interested in getting back to working one on one with individuals, I went on to join The Huntington Investment Company Wealth Management Group in February 2003. I was promoted to Team Leader of my own investment team in 2007. Shortly thereafter, Susan joined the team, and in 2013 we decided that in order to become more relevant to our clients, we would need to move on. We joined Stratos Wealth Partners, and affiliated with LPL Financial and we feel we have never been better poised to help our clients.

Why we say “financial advice is just the beginning:”
With us, investment management and financial advice are only the beginning. We encourage our clients to dream a little bigger. We help them to discover their next evolution, and then work with them to make the vision a reality.

When managing an investment strategy, we rigorously examine risk, and communicate with our clients about any risks we perceive. Meeting your financial goals and objectives is a lifelong process, and my commitment to any client we accept is to strive to provide nothing less than sound and objective financial guidance, top quality management and legendary service.

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