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We Manage Wealth Through Honest Conversations,

Mutually Beneficial Relationships, And A Foundation

Built Upon Values. 

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Wealth Management Coordinator

Client Service Assistant

Client Service Assistant

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Joe Zarlinga, CFP®

Wealth Advisor


Michael Cimperman

Kurt Ringenbach, CFP®, CPWA

Wealth Advisor

Carly Buynack

Justin R. Horton, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Laura Moroski



When our values and your values align, it helps to create a natural long lasting relationship

  • We will always to what we say we are going to do.

  • We value creative ideas and improvements and are willing to change.

  • We own mistakes, fix them, and learn from them.

  • We do not take ourselves too seriously.



We are not focused on being bigger. We are focused on being better.


This is not the norm. And frankly, we’re good with that. Our industry has a reputation for seeking more. More clients. More growth. More profit. While we absolutely love our profession, this approach and desire for “big” has never sat well with us.


Our backgrounds, experience, titles and knowledge are what most in our industry would consider big. But somewhere along the way we discovered “big” knew this wasn’t the path we wanted to further invest our time in. We evolved. As advisers. Colleagues. Husbands. Fathers. And finally, partners. We did not have a desire to be the biggest, most popular firm, but rather a firm who that knows the anniversary date of their clients. Or where their kids went to school or made the winning shot. Relationships – whether in our personal lives or professional, mean everything to us communally and individually. In order to provide the best service to our clients and build actual relationships versus superficial ones, we choose to focus on our existing clients – not future ones.


We think we’re onto something. The three of us genuinely value the greater team concept. To share ideas. Push each other. Not take ourselves too seriously. Talk through challenges. We are better together than apart. And much of this is thanks in large part to the trust we have amongst ourselves and the team we’ve built. Many things can be taught but not everything can be learned. The biggest of those being passion, integrity and an honest work ethic. We consider ourselves truly fortunate to be surrounded by a greater team that fully embodies these values.


Although we are proud of our size, we recognize the benefit of being part of Stratos Wealth Partners. This allows us to tap into this respected and trusted network when it best suits our client’s needs.  It allows us to spend time with clients versus taking up time focusing on the everyday aspects we do not want to worry about with complete independence. But it’s there when we need it. Otherwise, it’s our small by intent team working honestly, directly and passionately on behalf of every single one of the clients we are fortunate enough to support.


A Relationship That Starts

With You & Your Why


A Fiduciary


Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Real, Stated Values

Low, Fair Fees


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